Fertilizer Schedule

First application: Valentines Day or the week following- fertilizer application with weed or crabgrass preventer. 6 weeks later: second application of fertilizer with weed preventer. This application should be slightly lower in nitrogen than the first, to prevent burning the grass and to prevent problems with fungus during the summer months.  View more

Bare Spots And Seeding

There are several products that I have found to be affective for seeding bare spots in the grass, all of which are available at Lowes. Pennington makes a mesh-less thatch mat can be put down over large bare spots that have been newly seeded. The Thatch mat provides protection from driving rain, preventing the seed and new soil amendment from washing away. The mat also holds moisture in, and begins decomposing as the new grass seed grows up through it.  View more


Mulch is one of the few items in the landscape that can reasonably be done any time of year. We like to do mulch during the winter months for several reasons: Mulching in the winter means that for the most part, the leaves are already down for the season. These can be mulched on top of to provide a very effective natural protective barrier against weeds.  View more

Fall Aeration

Lawn aeration in the fall provides several benefits for your grass. Grass roots have a very difficult time penetrating the heavy clay soils that exist in this region. Core aeration helps open up areas in the clay for the roots to expand, and for moisture, nutrients and air to get down to the roots. Without aeration, often lawns become so compacted that the water and nutrients just run off, and roots are slow to expand beyond the first few centimeters down into the soil.  View more

Fall Planting

Fall is an ideal time to get new plantings in the ground! Ball and Burlap trees are dug and can be planted during October and November. B&B’s that are planted in the fall have all winter and spring to establish a new root system so that it’s ready for the heat of summer ahead. We also work with a landscape designer, designing solutions  View more