Protect for family with Barrier Spray

Spending time outdoors means exposure to pests like mosquitoes and ticks that carry diseases.  First Impressions Lawn and Garden reduces dangers in your own backyard and protects your family and pets with regular application of Barrier Spray.

The treatment creates a barrier that kills adult mosquitoes (as well as ticks and fleas) on contact. Then, as incoming mosquitoes take shelter in your greenery, the residue on the leaves knocks these newcomers dead too. Barrier spray also kills adult ticks on contact.

We cannot guarantee that you will never see another mosquito or tick, but we can guarantee that the flea, mosquito, and tick population in your landscape will be effectively eliminated, and your chances of being bitten by one of these pests in a treated area will be reduced by 99%.

Enjoy being in your yard without worry and protect your family and pets from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.


First Impressions Lawn and Garden only use products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

First Impressions Lawn and Garden adheres to all local, state, and federal licensing guidelines and utilizes pest-control solutions that are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered. Our applicators are trained on safely storing, mixing, and applying chemicals to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment while minimizing any harmful effects to themselves or the environment.

First Impressions only uses pesticides and herbicides that are the lowest level of toxicity to reduce risk of exposing children, pets, and our employees to harmful chemicals.  While an array of formulations is available for specific situations, the active ingredient in our barrier spray is a synthetic reproduction of a substance derived from chrysanthemums. This same basic ingredient can be found in a variety of household products including some used to treat scabies and lice. The solution will dry in 30 minutes, after which it is safe for people or animals that brush against the vegetation. However, for the next 21 days, the dried residue will continue to kill mosquitoes, fleas and ticks that take refuge in your turf and shrubbery.

Special care is taken to prevent hurting beneficial pollinators such as honeybees. For instance, our trained First Impressions Lawn and Garden professionals will not spray anything with blossoms or fruit where bees gather nectar and pollen.  Turf and low-lying brush are the most likely places for pests to take refuge from the direct sun during the heat of the day.


Enjoy attentive, professional service.

With our treatment program, service is automatic. Our professionals will spray your property from backpack-mounted spray systems every 30 days. Most yards can be treated in about 30 minutes. Family and pets can safely return to the yard 30 minutes after treatment, once the treatment has dried.

We remind you in advance of an upcoming service, giving you plenty of time to accommodate our visit, or plan for our visit. You needn’t be home for application. We’ll leave a courtesy card notifying you your treatment was completed successfully.

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