Brown Patch is a disease which begins to affect fescue turf when night time temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees and the turf is still actively growing. The disease attacks young new growth on the blades of grass under periods of high humidity. Once the turf begins to go dormant in summer, it is not as susceptible.

The symptoms of Brown Patch appear in circular patches that are tan, brown, or yellow in color. These patches can start anywhere from 6” across to several feet across.  With favorable conditions, these patches will grow together and kill large stands of turf.

Cultural Control:

  • Selecting varieties of fescue which are highly resistant to Brown Patch
  • Do not apply excessive nitrogen when conditions favor disease development
  • Avoid prolonged periods of leaf wetness
  • Provide good surface and soil drainage

Chemical Control

  • Preventative applications of fungicide are much more effective than curative treatments

Our current strategy to prevent Brown Patch is with a fungicide application this week, followed by another in 4 weeks. Please contact me if you would like us to include your property in our spraying program for this disease.